What is video going to do for my business ? Well quite a lot for your website and customer experience.

Video is a great way to reach customers and convey what you and your business is all about. But it also will help your businesses website here’s why:


Search engine optimisation. Google changed their algorithm and they now look at the rich media that is on your site. This includes such things as video, audio and images. This now makes a major difference in determining search result ranking. If your business website contains both a video, an article or blog post about the same topic, chances are the video and your site will rank higher. Why is this? Well google now believes that readers are less likely to read an article on something when they can simply watch a short clip on it.

You can Increase the time visitors spend on your website. It makes sense: the more time viewers spend on your site, then more chances you have of making the sale. If you feature a video on your website homepage this has proven to increase website traffic retention. People are also more likely to be intrigued and look around when they can view an entertaining video.


Personalise your site for your customers. This can be done  with videos. You can easily and quickly make your visitors feel more at home at your website. Create videos that talk to your customer, rather than at them. This video can become their personalised assistant and can direct them to the parts of your site they will be interested in. Seeing an actual person on a video and getting additional help can make your website feel like a personal interaction.

Video can help you relate to your customers and your customers relate to you on a whole new level. Get visitors to stay longer on your site and customise your website for your customers. In a couple of easy steps you can help your business website to achieve better results and conversely increase sales and retention of your customers.

So what is video going to do for my business ?…well quite a lot!