From Script to Screen

Media Production

With a full video production service, we’ll bring your communications with staff, customers and potential customers to life.

Aerial Video & Photography

See the world differently. We film in 4K and shoot great aerial videos and still photography and are IAA registered.

Video Streaming Services

Get the maximum out of your conference – event why not stream it over the web to your global audience. We provide full production services.

Transfering your old Video Tapes

We can transfer those old wonderful videos you have to digital DVD. We accept VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, Hi8 and mini DV.

Video Editing

If you have your own footage but would like it edited into a professional production then let us at it. We can edit, add graphics, voice over and soundtrack and upload to your own YouTube channel.

Viral - Social Media

Viral Media is media designed for social digestion and consumption across the blogosphere. We can produce material for all the social media outlets and help with getting your message heard.

TV Commercials

Vision Media can provide a one stop shop for producing your television commercial. From scripting, clearcast clearance, pre production, filming, editing, mastering to TV broadcaster standards and provide digital delivery to your chosen TV stations.

Voice Over Recording

If you need a new voice for that radio commercial or video, we can look after that. We have a panel of voice over artist to help convey your brand in a natural, dynamic way.

Our Work Speaks for itself!

Drawing upon our extensive experience in media production services, marketing, advertising and content production, we find the most creative and effective approach to create and communicate our clients’ key messages.

With a full video production service, we’ll bring your communications to life.

Check out some of our great videos, click the button below.

  • Vision Media Interview filming
  • Vision Media Drone filming
  • Vision Media Drone Filming
  • Vision Media live
  • Vision Media Stabilizer Operator
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