We’ve noticed that as time has gone on and cameras are now everywhere more and more people have their own footage. This is great but unless you do something with it nobody is going to see it. Also the skill of editing the images together and presenting a story ¬†around this footage can be a daunting thought.

So with all this mind we have now got a new service allowing clients to upload their footage to us and we’ll look after the editing, graphics, voice over and the mastering to whatever format is required.

For a business this can be a very cost effective way of getting a video produced to promote them, a product, event, etc. Of course we can give advice on shooting the video clips correctly and making sure they are presentable for the final video. This service is also great if you need to film locations that are further afield and perhaps too expensive to send a video/photographer too.

So if you have footage that you have taken and would like a video for your business then “let us at it”. You’ll get a very cost effective promotion tool for your business.


For more info drop us an email.