Interesting survey by video distribution service Invodo  showing the confidence generated by watching online videos when purchasing a product or service. The report, How Consumers Shop with Video surveyed over 1,000 consumers in late 2012 in the United states to gage how their shopping habits and intentions were influenced by the use of online video. The survey has generated some interesting statistics:

35% Confirmed that they watch product videos “most of the time.” 
26% Watched more video via a smartphone than they did on a PC.
57% Used their mobile device while shopping to gather more information.
55% Scanned a QR code while in-store to watch a video.
40% Stated that a product video influenced their decision to buy.
50% Feel more inclined to engage with a company who makes video content about their goods or services.


It appears that consumers are now expecting video on the websites they are looking at. These informational videos do extremely well, both in Google Search results and in terms of the end users engagement.  These videos do appeal to the consumer who wants to take their time and do the research before committing to a larger purchase / service. Companies need to take advantage of this by not only producing informative videos, but producing as many as needed to satisfy the customers thirst for knowledge.